Who We Are?

Being overstock exporter from the year of 2012, StockChina® has been the Leading Chinese Sourcing Service Provider committed in supplying order cancellations, stock lots, overstocks, surplus inventories, liquidation stock, clearance and closeouts from Direct Factories in China and other Asian countries to Outlet Chain Stores in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and some Middle East countries, helping them maximize their business profits and stay most competitive in their industries.

Why We Are Different From Other overstock Dealers?

•We source from direct factories instead of brokers or any other third-party suppliers.

•We source stock lots with full sizes and colors instead of leftover from partial orders.

•We pre-inspect each stock lot professionally before market presentation.

•We always reveal to the buyers the physically true quality condition of all stock lots, including any defects if exist.

Our Mission?

•To assist retail stores to save their purchasing costs by locating quality stock lots at the best value prices.

•To assist Chinese and other Asian manufacturers in turning their dead funding resulted from stock lots into Cash in the shortest time possible.

Copyright & Disclaimer

Products are commonly ready made with labels attached. All product labels had been made under the authorization of the brand name owners. Buyers shall confirm prior to purchase that the import or reselling of these stock products will not lead to trademark, copyright or registered brand infringement or any other legal issues. We strongly recommend to take off the original labels and tags and attach new ones.